Green Mirror
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Revolutionize how you analyze sustainability reports. Our AI solution streamlines data extraction, benchmarking, and best practice identification from complex documents like BRSR, GRI, and TCFD.

Your AI Assistant for Informed Decisions

Power Up Sustainability Efforts: Ask the AI Advisor, Get Benchmarks, Recommendations & Create Reports Accessing and comparing sustainability-related reports, such as BRSR, GRI, and TCFD, can be challenging for analysts and sustainability personnel due to their vastness and complexity. Our cutting-edge Generative AI solution revolutionizes this process. By efficiently extracting specific information from these reports and comparing results across companies, benchmarking metrics, and identifying best practices, our solution simplifies the task at hand. PlanetWise seamlessly integrates AI with your CMS, providing tailored insights into your carbon footprint. This integration streamlines the process of generating quick queries, benchmarking analyses, soft recommendations, and draft sustainability reports. With our solution, sustainability professionals can make informed decisions swiftly and effectively, empowering your organization to drive meaningful change.

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